EllaMae, LLC

A contract scientific and engineering services company.  Services offered include Technical Writing, Scientific Instrumentation, 3D Modeling and Design, Prototype Fabrication, Manufacturing, Product Development, and Intellectual Property.

These services are offered through our subsidiaries:  MAPrecision, Pascal Technologies, and PentaSons.

MAPrecision is a professional manufacturing and fabrication service provider with offices in both Wyoming and Pennsylvania.  As our name implies, we focus on precision in all of our service offerings including our CNC machining, prototyping, fixturing, machine repair. We also pride ourselves on providing 24/7 manufacturing support to keep your business operating efficiently.

Pascal Technologies is a product innovation and development organization.  Products range from novel engineering tools and scientific accessories to consumer products that are not only innovative but also provide long-term protection of your home and property.

PentaSons is a professional service provider for technical writing, scientific engineering, software usability, and intellectual property. We also pride ourselves on providing 24/7 support to help you meet your needs and deadlines.